A New Assignment

17 May 2017, 0645 hours, Wednesday. 

As I stepped out of the building, a beautiful morning welcomed me. I was kissed by the warm sunlight. I was embraced by a cool breeze. I was greeted by the gentle swaying of the trees’ branches and leaves. The sky opened up and smiled as a flock of birds flew across it.

I can’t help but be touched by God’s creations. Everything is a reminder of His great love.

I got on the bus and started my morning praises. After thirty minutes I pulled out my mobile phone from my purse. I then saw Tita Cathy’s message. She asked me if I would be free on Saturday, 20 May 2017 at 1600 hours.

Unfortunately, I was scheduled to meet my doctor, the same day at the same time.

She asked if I could cover the upcoming event and write an article about it.

Boy! If only Tita Cathy could see my reaction! 

My mouth was left open. My eyes were teary with happiness.

Wow! This is something! God has opened a window of opportunity!

I was a newbie in blogging. I knew all along that my english vocabulary was limited. I was not confident with my grammar as well. Pushing those aside, I’ve tried my luck and I’ve submitted one of my blogs to an international literary website a few months ago. 

Alas! I was rejected. I guess they didn’t like it. Or, perhaps, I was not good enough. 

Anyhow, I just shrugged it off, patted my shoulder and whispered to myself:

Don’t take it to your heart. It was not yet your time. Someday. Somewhere. Somehow. Someone will appreciate what you could offer.


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