I was Enough

My friends told me numerous times to go out and meet new people, to move on and live my life. They said that I was still young and that there was more to life than feeling sorry for myself. They also mentioned that my world should not stop just because my beloved husband passed away.

I know they meant well and I was glad knowing that they were sincerely thinking of my welfare.

Yeah, sure. I did. Once. But it did not turn out good. I ended up more hurt.

I realized that I was only searching for my husband’s face from someone else’s.

I knew that it was wrong and unfair so I stopped. I then made a decision to use my energy wisely; to focus my attention into something more important than whatever I was feeling… something my future self will be thankful about.

Besides, I’ve already experienced happily ever after with my late husband. He showed me how a real man should treat his woman. He made me feel worthy, appreciated, cherished, treasured, respected, cared, and loved.

God gave me a chance to experience the greatest love any woman could ask for. And for that I was truly grateful.

I was blissfully contented and satisfied knowing that for once in my life, I’ve met the right man. The perfect man for me and I had a perfect marriage with him.

My journey taught me a lot of things. I’ve discovered traits I did not know existed in me. My character was built. I grew up. I’ve gathered a great deal of strength and resilience. I’ve also obtained a better comprehension of the mysteries of life.

In addition, my relationship with God deepened. He filled the emptiness that I’d felt. He comforted me when I was lonely. He made me extremely busy to keep me sane. He sent genuine people to help me.


He alone completed me.

And so my dearest friends, you all shouldn’t worry. I didn’t write any comma, period, ellipsis, question mark or even an exclamation point in my life story book. I also didn’t even close it. However, I did put an end to my search and longing.

Anyhow, if having a second chance in love was included in the Father’s plan, then I’d accept it.

But if not, then I’d be amenable with fate’s decision. I’d be totally fine. I’d live with that. Because I know, I was enough.


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