An Open Letter to the Beautiful Bride on Her Wedding Day

As I was searching for my contract, I came across our wedding photo album. I saw my late husband’s most charming smile. On the first time we met, he smiled and talked to me. The moment I saw it, I knew then that I’ve fallen in love with him already. I’ve immediately felt the butterflies in my stomach!

My dad was also there. His many expressions were priceless. It was his proudest moment! My brother wasn’t able to make it because he was out of the country that time.

Unfortunately my mom… Mommy went home to heaven a few months before our renewal of wedding vows in the church. Thus, she wasn’t there to hand me over to my groom.

If she was alive, I’d like to imagine her giving me  her motherly advice about marriage and all. I’ve actually written down the words of wisdom that I’d love to hear from her. And I’d think that she really was the one who gave the letter to me.


To my precious daughter,

I want you to know that I am so blessed to be called your mother. I am so proud of you. You have become the kind of woman that I have prayed for. You are the kind of daughter that I have wished for.

I wrote this letter to share with you everything that I have learned when I fell in love with your dad.

I want to tell you that love is not just a word. It is not a noun, but a verb.

True love is a commitment. Marriage is a sacred covenant between two individuals who decided to spend their life together.

And now, you are about to enter another chapter of your life. You are going to get married to the man of your dreams. I know he is the best, because you have chosen him. And of course, God has chosen him for you.

A strong marriage consists of God, a wife and a husband. Always put God in the center of your relationship. He must always be present in your life. And when you pray, you should hold hands together.

My sweet pea, marriage is not always about happiness. Time will come and your union will be tested by fire, just like gold. Remember that an unpolished metal can be made into jewelry. However, it has to go through a lot of painful procedures. Therefore, both of you must be steadfast all the time.

If trials come knocking, both must take turns in being sturdy. If your husband is weak, you have to be strong for him. If you are down, then he should lift you up. Both must bring each other towards one goal, one dream.

There should be mutual respect and trust. Both of you must give in and share life with each other.

If you are having a misunderstanding, avoid sleeping without it being resolved. You should have an open and a two- way communication; do not keep secrets from each other, you must tell even if it is only a minute thing.

I earnestly believe that it is a form of selfishness if you keep something for yourself just because you are afraid of giving a burden to him. This may hurt him; he might  even think that you do not trust him.

Do you want to know the secret of a successful marriage? The secret is… us, the wives! We are the secret. And yes, that is the truth!

Women hold the key. We keep the relationship intact. The future of the union is in our hands.

As a wife, your role is to be your husband’s best friend, a comrade, a business partner, a game goal keeper, a drinking partner, a nanny, and even his own mistress.

You should let him wear the pants. You should always have a childlike heart, a caring hand like a mother, a steel-like backbone, a home to return to after a tiring day, and most of all; you must be a mischievous tigress on his bed.

Okay sweetheart, don’t be pressured! It will come out naturally. Trust me.

To continue, you must accept your man wholeheartedly. Be there for him. Motivate and appreciate him. Love him with all your heart, mind and soul. Be patient with him. Support and submit to him and of course, always pray for him.

If you do all these, he will stick with you.

But, but, but! You also have to love yourself. Do not forget that.

I think that’s all about it. I’ve already covered everything. Am I right? Did I miss something? I guess not.

And lastly, I want you to remember your exact feeling when you say I Do later. Keep that in your heart and mind. Cherish that same emotion. It will come in handy when you are feeling down.

God bless you and my new son! I love you both very much.

Make me a grandmommy soon!

Mommy Becky


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