My Navigator

Today, I was assigned to go to another government entity. I was surprised to learned that the office was located at the community where my late husband used to work as a facilities department’s group leader.

I’ve vowed to never visit the vicinity again. He loved that place. And he was proud working in that company.

We had so many memories there…

Since it was work related, I’ve decided to buckle up, took a deep breath and put on a brave act. I’ve told myself, I can do this!

The company driver and I reached the location at 1215 hours. Unfortunately, we were having a difficulty in finding the office.

I was beginning to get worried. I told the driver, we must reach the office before the client arrived. Uhm, let me try to call someone to give us the exact location.

I took my mobile phone from my purse and dialed a number.

However, an unfamiliar voice answered my ring.

I was surprised and immediately checked the number.

And then I realized [out of habit], I’ve called my late husband’s direct line to ask for directions. 


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