The Night Before He Closed His Eyes

The fourth of March 2015 was the day my husband, Ian O’Neil went to heaven. Our friends, relatives, colleagues, and the CFC families gathered in the house of our unit leaders, Tito Edan and Tita Cathy. They wholeheartedly opened their home; it served as a small church to say the novena for the departed. They all went there to celebrate his short but very meaningful and fulfilled life. As well as to plan and discuss the repatriation of his body to the Philippines.


I’m eternally grateful to our Couples for Christ Ministry, friends and families for being there for me. They’ve supported me all the way. They’ve arranged and provided everything that I needed.

On the first day of the novena, I’ve found out that the sister of one of our friends has a special gift. He told me that she was able to see and talk to my beloved on the night before he died. And I’d like to share with you her facebook post about her first [of many] encounter with him.

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I thought I lost it already.

Yesterday I tagged along with my brother’s family and visited their friend who was confined in the ICU. I didn’t know what he looked like. I just stayed at the waiting area outside the ICU while my brother and his wife went inside.

Then again while I was waiting outside I noticed someone passed by me back and forth. A kabayan, I thought to myself. I first noticed him wearing this black Nike roshe shoes with a blue colored check on it. They were flashing my eyes. But oh-o. His legs seemed… transparent. Oh my. So I went on without minding him coz I think I already have this hunch that he’s not from this world or so.

When we were about to go home. I saw him again on our way out along the stairs/escalator. He was smiling. Seemed happy with the visitors. That was the point I was able to see him face to face. He was wearing a blue polo shirt. Black shorts. And the Nike shoes. He had this military/clean cut look. He doesn’t look sick to me or so I thought maybe I’m seeing somebody else.

The next day I told my brother I think I saw him. I didn’t know what their friend looked like. I just described all the details to him. By golly… all descriptions matched.

His friend died this morning. He was the man I saw at the hospital. That man was the patient they visited yesterday.

All my body hair raised.. I talked to him today. He was crying and told me, “Mama, mahal na mahal kita”

I don’t know any details about their friend. But somehow while I was talking to him, a picture in my head appeared, that of a beautiful woman, short haired as he whispered the words “Mama”

He made me cry so much, I told my brother I cannot talk to his friend anymore…

Sometimes I also question myself whether what I have is real… Its been a long time… and I thought I lost it… #3rdeye


These were the pictures our friend showed to his sister: the black Nike Roshe shoes and my husband’s clean cut hair.


My husband preferred to wear shorts than pants, sneakers/rubber shoes than leathers and plain shirts than jackets and ties.

God has always been gracious to me. He allowed me to hear the words: I love you very much Mama from my Papa Ian for the last time through her. And I will always be thankful to her for being an instrument to help people like me.


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