My Navigator

Today, I was assigned to go to another government entity. I was surprised to learned that the office was located at the community where my late husband used to work as a facilities department's group leader. I've vowed to never visit the vicinity again. He loved that place. And he was proud working in that …


The Driver

If you decided to allow God to take in charge of your life, you must give Him the wheel, trust His driving skills and then enjoy the ride. He knows the way and He will take you home.


You don't have to wait for someone to love you, because you alone could provide the kind of love you are longing for. Love yourself and that is more than enough.

Missing Words

Dear Vocabulary Fairy, I have numerous ideas stored in my brain. And I want to put them all in writing. However, I can't find the right words to express them. Can you visit me tonight? Sincerely,