Happy New Me, 2017!

In less than twenty four hours, 2017 is going to break its first dawn! As early as now, I could smell the crisp air of new beginnings.

The years from 2013 to 2016 were the most physically exhausting, emotionally draining, spiritually challenging and mentally wrecking chapters of my life. I’ve been through a lot. My life was turned upside down, inside out. I had enough. And I’m now done with everything which causes heartaches.

Nevertheless, I’m grateful for everything. I wouldn’t be who I am today if not for those difficulties. My character was tested, molded, made firm and strengthened. My relationship with God has deepened. My faith and trust in Him also intensified. And I now have a better comprehension and perspective in life.

I’ve become stronger. Life has taught me how to trust and rely on my instinct, knowledge, strength, and capabilities. I’ve got to know the real me and most importantly, I’ve learned how to love myself.

Moreover, I’ve found out who remained true to me; who decided to stay and those who have chosen to leave.

I’d like to thank everyone who became a part of my journey. Thank you to those who have hurt me. And thank you to those who have loved, believed, trusted and stayed with me. Thank you all for sharing your life. Each one of you has made me who I am today.

In this coming 2017, I expect more. Much, much more. New chances, new dreams, new beginnings, and new hopes. I’ll have more happiness, more positive experiences and overflowing blessings and graces from God!

Happy New Year! Happy New Me!



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