An Old Piece of Literature

Whenever I’m in the Philippines for my annual vacation, I always find time to do my weird exercise. I regularly check every nook and cranny in our house. I consistently inspect every corner to see that everything in our abode is in order. This kind of routine is tedious but in doing so, it actually calms my nerves [and my heart]. It’s because I have to make sure that before I travel back to the Middle East, all is settled for my father.

Anyhow, on the eve of my flight, I decided to search for my family’s old photographs. I was combing the drawer of an aged cabinet, when I came across an old piece of literature instead. I was surprised  for it was the poem that I’ve composed more than a decade ago. I wrote it for my dad. Well, it was actually about him.

November is his birth month; and I’d like to share my gift to my dad with you. My original and unedited composition.



If Only I Could

If only I could give my dad a chance to choose
Among the situations that he will surely not lose.
If only I could predict
In order for me to warn him from any conflict.

If only I could be his guardian angel
So I could shield him from any tale- tell.
If only I could make him safe from cruel men
Keep and hide; above the sky or deep under the ocean.

If only I could be a fairy
Perhaps, a lamp’s genie.
If only I could grant him his wishes
And to vanish his diseases.

If only I could do everything
Just to unload his suffering.
If only I could give him paradise
Even to the point of self- sacrifice.

If only I could help him
Find his work and away from people’s dim.
If only I could stop his sufferings
In bringing up his offsprings.

If only I could
Yeah, if only I could.



4 Replies to “An Old Piece of Literature”

  1. Indeed, if only we could. I had the same feeling towards my parents while growing up. Only later did I realize that somehow God didn’t give me the power to do and to have everything for me to learn the virtue of humility and to remind me that I still need other people’s help. Truly, in this life, you can’t have it all in a single platter. Great writing!

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  2. This is an artwork that made me feel emotional. Having the thought of telling my old folks (my parents) how much I want to do more for them. Spend more time with them.
    And to your dad, please send my regards to him, he is a good man, a very good one.

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