Why I Write Blogs


Friend: Stop living in the past.

Me: Who told you that I’m still living there?

Friend: Then why are you writing such lonely blogs? You’ve got to let go of what is already lost. You need to move on.

Me: I know you meant well, but writing heals me. It is the only therapy suited for me. It is the only way I can do to help myself.

Emotional healing is not an overnight thing. It is a slow and painful process. It takes months, years to recuperate from the hurt.

Blogging is not an escape route but a channel of reality. It is a healthy means of realization. Writing helps me to filter my thoughts. It also makes me recognize my true feelings.

It takes more than courage to write about something as painful as what I have been through. But my blog site aids me to accept and embrace everything that has happened in my life.

I’m neither doing this to relive my past nor to fish for sympathy from anyone. This for my own sake. This is for my healing.