Creative Mess

Colors, if combined can create a beautiful painting. 😙 Ideas, if written down can create blogs! 😆 OMG! 😮 I have 15 articles saved in my draft folder! When will I be able to publish them? 🤔


A Journey for One

We were both on a train; off to somewhere unknown and a faraway destination. We were alone and yet the sound of our boisterous laughter filled the entire train. We were having so much fun. We were enjoying each other's company. We talked tirelessly; we discussed everything we could think about. We were holding hands, …

I was Enough

My friends told me numerous times to go out and meet new people, to move on and live my life. They said that I was still young and that there was more to life than feeling sorry for myself. They also mentioned that my world should not stop just because my beloved husband passed away. I …